You are currently viewing Indiana House Hunting Tactics You Must Employ Immediately If You Want To Get The 4-Bedroom Home Of Your Dreams In The Next 60 Days!

Indiana House Hunting Tactics You Must Employ Immediately If You Want To Get The 4-Bedroom Home Of Your Dreams In The Next 60 Days!

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Have you been searching for the perfect Indiana home? The perfect home is already a picture in your mind; a picture you and your family have been aspiring to. After looking through pre-owned homes and living in a small starter home, the idealized home you’ve had pictured becomes more and more desirable. Building a semi-custom home is something you’ve always looked at for the future, and the future is rapidly approaching.

Now imagine driving up to the home you had pictured. When building a semi-custom home with VP Homes, your dreams become reality. It all starts with you. Our easy-to-design homes with transparent and fair pricing make us the most desirable home builders in Porter County. We love building houses in highly rated school districts & within quaint custom homes subdivisions. Believe us, low taxes and easy commute times are just as important to us as they are to you. We understand new construction and make the process easy for you, while having the knowledge to ask the right questions to determine the needs and wants for your family – even if they are unclear to you.

Easton Park in Chesterton, Indiana, features a custom homes section that is very desirable for those that want to live in Porter County. Commute times are simple with 80/94 providing access to Illinois and Michigan. Relaxation like the Indiana Dunes lakeshore provide excellent hiking, camping, and beach recreation less than a half hour away. While the South Shore train line is a quick, inexpensive way for a trip to the city if you don’t feel like driving. This is a perfect area for those wanting Small town amenities nearby while having unbeatable commuter options for those that live in Chicago that want lower tax rates.

Our past customers stand by our work and our commitment to build your dream home from the ground up. Without taking the first steps to recreate that house you’ve always imagined, how will you ever find the perfect home? We work with you to make sure the land, floor plan, and selections work for you.

Explore the possibilities and the land available for home building in this excellent area of Northwest Indiana. Easton Park, a large and very desirable development, will be available for our semi-custom home builds starting in Spring of 2017. Reach out to us for information regarding floor plans, lot pricing, and how to get started building the home you’ve always pictured.